Playing on Calvary

Look, I have found some pieces of wood:
now we can build a fort
or a temple
and make soldiers out of mud:

you and your soldiers
can try to destroy me, and I
can try to destroy you

That sounds like fun:
some of your soldiers can hide
in these strange holes in the hill

They are empty now, but look
as if they had something in them:
I wonder what it was

There is a large hole down here
that looks as if it might get in the way:
I will block it up with a big stone

Help me with the stone:
it will not stay where I put it:
it keeps rolling away

That is awkward:
it might make playing more difficult,
but I suppose we can pretend it is not there

Here are some more pieces of wood:
they have something on them, though –
something sticky

I will throw them away:
maybe we could go and play
somewhere else