Commentary on the obvious

The train from Barcelona has arrived:
if you look through the window, you can see its sleek
but obvious outlines

It stands there openly

We will be leaving soon:
we will be on our way, and later
after the scenery flies by,
we will arrive

and the weather will be different

They are building more flats by the railway,
and the buffet car has run out of milk:
it is not like English trains

It is a high-speed train, and it
moves quickly

What seems to be happening
is surely happening
and will probably happen again

If it does, we will tell you

In the tunnels it is dark:
outside, the sun casts shadows

And if something else is happening
that we cannot see
we do not speak about it

even if it seizes us by the throat
and shakes us till we scream

Is joy or terror passing by?
Is there an eagle in the mist
or a serpent in the falling rain?

No-one knows

Now we are nearly at Narbonne,
and most of us are asleep

It is normal:
it is what happens