Corridors of myths

Newspapers, radio and television have a growing role in the reinforcement of dubious messages. Why growing? Because in the past editorial resources were larger, enabling more detailed research into stories; and the awful hanging, ominous shadow of PR was absent….

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Naming the guilty hut

Famed Norfolk explorer Richard Meek (recently placed an astonishing but well-deserved sixth in a list of people having the most influence on life in Nelson’s County) has brought a moment of great significance to my attention. According to an item…

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Ignoring the evidence

You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you? Al Gore’s full-of-holes science film An Inconvenient Truth wins him a Peace Prize, but Channel 4’s counter to it, The Great Global Warming Swindle, “did not fulfil obligations to be impartial”. Well, Mr Gore…

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Houseago tops the lot

Following publication in the Eastern Daily Press of the “Power 100” list of the most influential business people in Norfolk, I feel compelled to give publicity to some of those who were overlooked. I have come up with a Top…

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Slow, but still dangerous

The Campaign to Make Unusual People Exactly The Same (MUPETS) scored another victory when its Everyone Drive More Slowly Regardless branch persuaded Norwich City Council that a blanket reduction of city speed limits to 20mph was a good idea. The…

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