Local newspapers

Day after day, words flow in
like an eternal avalanche
scraping the sides,
burying passers-by

The police close the road
as if that would calm things down
but traffic piles up
in a different place

Everyone is asked
to slow down
but the stories keep flooding in
pushing everything aside

and yes, people are drowning:
shamed and disgraced,
they go under, choked by
the couscous of false assumptions

Cats and dogs assume
mythic proportions,
their adventures heroic,
their owners tragic

We are all doomed
by crystal ball economics
dwindling health service
or misunderstood weather

Yes, all the world is here
in big pictures
and we are sinking
in small pools

unable to believe that
sport is random
and cartoons are much
nearer the truth

Yes, all the world is here,
and at a reasonable price
Fanatics need not apply