Dawkins may be a myth

Don’t worry: Richard Dawkins probably doesn’t exist. I myself have never seen him in the flesh, and nor has anyone I know.

There is by all accounts a figure who claims to be Richard Dawkins, and who goes about proclaiming himself to be infallible, but there is no proof of his identity other than a few documents of doubtful authenticity.

Some people claim to have heard his voice, but it is likely that they have heard some other voice, or indeed a voice entirely within their own heads.

Books exist that some claim were written or directly inspired by him, but on investigation these are found to contain fanciful ideas about areas totally beyond anyone’s experience, such as the events of pre-historic times. It is likely that science will in due course discredit these ideas.

Those who find themselves worried by observations attributed to Richard Dawkins should consider putting an advertisement on the side of a bus, as this will undoubtedly make them feel much better.